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Multi-Zone Walk-through Metal Detector for you

Have you ever met a walk through metal detector? Then you may be attracted by this Multi-Zone Walk-through Metal Detector, which is made of fire-proof material and owns wear-resisting and high-strength. Stop here detectorall you will get more about such device.

Knowledge world is just from detectorall to rich your daily life; next we will recommend you one of the fashionable and hot product- walk through metal detector.

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It is also water and damp proof. Besides the 6 detecting areas spreading evenly over the left-right detecting gate board from its top to bottom, that is the reason why it is called 6 positions detecting.

And the sensitivity can be adjusted and sensitivity of each area can be adjusted alone. Besides, in order to overcome omission and misinformation, advanced digital self-balancing technology has been adopted to solve the problem successful. In addition even under extremely unstable voltage conditions you can operate the device as normal for it owns separated power design. But for these characteristics, this one harmless to pacemaker in human body, pregnant woman or software products so you can use it without worry.

Taken the characteristic and the functions, this one is suitable of being used in places like airport, stadium, court, tribunal, prison, bars and many other places for security check.

Where can you get this equipment? Then just move your mouse on the screen and come to detectorall and contact us. Then we will provide you with high quality products at the best price! So come here www.detectorall.com and add one walk through metal detector to your chart. Here are about its more specifications: Product external dimensions:2200 mm*800 mm*600mm Product passage dimensions:2050 mm*700 mm*600 mm Working power:30 W Working power:(100 v-240 v)+-10% Working environment:-20℃~55℃ Standard:GB15210-2003

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