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With the wide use of high technology, personal handheld metal detector has come into our daily life and is becoming more and more important, you will be lucky with the high power device from the best rank of store detectorall .

Nowadays various kinds of detect tools have appeared in the market for safety use or many other aspects. Among different detectors this Portable Personal Hand Held Metal Detector from detectorall must be a good choice for both private or security use.

It is designed with high sensitivity that it is capable to detect items of all types of metals, like the pin, the 64 model handgun, knives, steel ball and many other metal goods in a certain distance. That is reliable and can help you a lot.

It is easy to use and operate and has 3 position switch for power, sound and vibrate. For the operation part: the forward position-- S means sound on, the center position—O means power off and the back position—V means vibration on. So it is easy for you to choose a mode you need.

It also has indicators: the solid yellow LED—AL represents target detected, the flashing green LED--Pw represents power on and the flashing red LED--BT represents low battery. Besides it also has an alarm mode, and the alarming results are based on the operation mode you choose, in sound mode it will buzzer with red LED, while in vibration mode it will vibrate with red LED. This kind of indictor is easy for you to understand. Most of us are so lucky to live in a day and age when it is possible for us to do anything we ever wanted. We have more freedom of choice of what we want to do than any other generation in history. Most of us are no longer hindered by the information and communication obstacles that stopped our predecessors from learning and doing what they wanted to do, when they wanted to. While most of us will be lucky to be born with the era of handheld metal detector, you know, this powerful device will benefit us a lot and bring us more than our expectation.

Apart from this the operation temperature has a wide range, from -20℃ to 70℃, you can trustingly use it both in the cold winter and hot summer. What’s more, it is designed with light weight and it is portable, for its weight is only 220g and the length is only 375mm. And what about its power supply? A 9 Volt ni-cd battery is provided to make it work normally, the life battery life is 30 to 40 hours in normal environment, but in alkaline environment it is 28 hours.

Details you can have a look at here from detectorall . Operation: -Forward position: S - sound on -Center position: O - power off -Back position: V - vibration on Indicators: -Solid yellow LED: AL - target detected -Flashing green LED: Pw - power on -Flashing red LED: BT - low battery indicator Detection distance -Pin 30-60mm; -64 model handgun 150mm -6 inch long knife 160mm -Steel ball 90mm Alarm mode:-Sound mode: Buzzer with red LED -Vibration mode: Vibrator with red LED Operating temperature: -20 to +70 centigrade Weight: 220G Dimension: 375(L)X77(W)X26mm(T) Power supply: Standard 9 volt battery

If you are looking for a detector to use at home, or looking for some security tools being used in the airport, the factory, the station and other public places. This Portable Personal Hand Held Metal Detector must be the most suitable one.

Personal Hand Held Metal Detector for your Personal Use
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